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“Extincêndios, Equipamentos de Protecção e Segurança” was founded in 1981 as an irregular company owned by the current managing partner, José Manuel Fragata Dias and Luís Pimentel. The company’s first headquarters was in the outbuildings of Mr. Fragata Dias’ private house where the two partners dedicated themselves to the maintenance of fire extinguishers.

In 1983 Mr. Luís Pimentel left the company and the company became a private limited company, owned by the partner Fragata Dias, with 85%, and his wife Ana Maria Dias, with 15%. In this year the company leaves the annexes of the couple’s private house and a small store is rented, at Francisco Xavier de Melo Street, where the commercialization of EPIS (Personal Protection Equipment) and fire extinguishers begins. The first two employees of this company are hired and the fire extinguisher maintenance workshop moves to Ramalhal.

The great evolution and growth of the company occurs in 1994, when a new element enters, Mr. André Martinez, who starts to make the international relations of the company, and until then we had only 5 employees.

Then the first representations of the company appear, CAMIVA (auto-ladders, first-aid, etc.), FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA (electronic bridges, rotators, sirens, etc.) and MSA (firefighters material and EPIS), representations that significantly increase the sales of the company and that need more and more special attention. In 1999 and due to the great evolution of sales and customers, Mr. Fragata Dias leaves his job of 23 years ago and starts to dedicate himself 100% to Fire Extinguishers, both in availability and will.

In 2000 the company wins the public tender of the National Fire Service, with its represented CAMIVA, for the supply of 35 fire extinguishing vehicles and between the end of the current year and the beginning of 2001 the 35 vehicles are distributed nationally to 35 fire departments in our country.

As a result of the quality of our represented companies, the work done and an exceptional after-sales service, we are proud to note the increase in sales and the satisfaction of our customers (more than 8,000 active customers), having today, Extincêndios as customers the G.N.R., the P.S.P., the Policia Judiciária, BRISA, Estradas de Portugal, the Bank of Portugal, Cimpor, Airports, Town Halls, Modelo, Intermarché and several Fire Departments, etc..

In 2008 Extincêndios becomes a public limited company. In March 2011 occurs the merger of Extincêndios with RADE, Lda, having increased the share capital of the incorporating company (Extincêndios) and started the construction of new facilities in order to centralize all services. In October the company expanded its range of services, with a new department called Security Engineering.

In 2012 Extincêndios expands to another market segment and begins to develop uniforms and personal protective equipment.

Currently Extincêndios, SA has about 48 employees, about 32 vehicles (within which we highlight 4 workshop vehicles), 1 office and public service in our latest facilities in Ramalhal, opened in June 2012. These facilities have a covered area of 3,400 m2, on a plot of land with about 26,000 m2, which allows us to continue thinking about the future. In these facilities we have a building for our offices, three warehouses and two fully equipped workshops, which allow us to provide our services meeting the demands and needs of our customers.

The work and dedication developed allow us to have several represented brands, including the prestigious and well-known brands such as MSA/GALLET, HAIX, CAMIVA, FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA, FARIVAL, PROTEK, DUNLOP, HYDRAM, IMPSA, FEUR VOGEL, AWG, PRODUTOS MESA, FIRECO, DELTA FIRE, PETZL, Confecções OROEL, HONDA, AIMONT, DELTAPLUS, GE, SIOEN, among others.

This way our company presents a strong business structure, with a commercial network that covers the whole country and with competences to provide any service in the areas of distribution, commerce and installation of protection and security equipment, as well as in the area of maintenance of fire extinguishers.

With the development of business areas, in which Extincêndios is increasingly recognized for its quality and excellence and not only in the area of fire extinguishing, there was a need for a change of image to match the current reality of the company. This change comes in early 2014, with the presentation of the new company image.

In 2021 the company continues its growth and completes the construction of the third warehouse, with 1,200 m2.

Currently Extincêndios SA is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, NP 4413:2019 and NP 4457:2007 (Research, development and innovation) “