Born in 1981 in Torres Vedras, Extincêndios currently occupies a reference position in the safety sector and fire fighting equipment, representing in Portugal some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, some of them exclusively.

Its history begins in a small business of maintenance of fire extinguishers and expands in 1983 with the formation of a society and the commercialization of some material. However, it is in 1994 that Extincêndios develops definitively thanks to the establishment of international relations that mark the beginning of the representation of brands such as MAGIRUS (Auto-stairs, Emergency Room, etc.), FEDERAL SIGNAL VAMA (Electronic bridges, rotary, sirens, etc.). In 1998 we reached the representation of 1 more prestigious brand in the branch the MSA (Fireman material and EPIS).

The quality policy adopted by Extincêndios quickly paid off, being preferred by several institutions such as GNR, PSP, Judicial Police, Breeze, City Councils, Firefighters among others. In 2000, he won the public tender of the National Fire Service for the supply of 35 Auto-escada vehicles that were distributed until the beginning of 2001.

Currently Extincêndios has 36 employees, 24 vehicles, 3 warehouses, a specialized workshop for the maintenance of fire extinguishers as well as 4 fully equipped workshop vehicles for the performance of this same work and offices. It also obtained the CERTIFICATION of NP 4413, as well as iso 9001.

Today, 39 years later, our main concern remains that of the first day: