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Corporate Policy

“Extincêndios, SA is a company that has existed for over 35 years, currently having the ability to competently perform any type of service in the areas of security engineering, trade, distribution and installation of protection and safety equipment and maintenance of extinguishers. Our evolution is due to a policy based on the following points:

Putting Customer satisfaction at the top of the Priorities of our strategy, always seeking to fully meet their needs and expectations, creating lasting relationships based on trust;

Keep up with the evolution and technological advances, investing in the modernization and continuous improvement of our range of products, equipment and services;

To promote the research, development and innovation of individual and collective protection equipment products in order to create added value for customers, for the market and for the company itself;

To guide the company strategy for the expansion of the Business (national and international market);

To be recognized for the quality of our services, equipment and products;

Consider as fundamental the treatment of complaints from suppliers and Customer complaints as opportunities for improvement;

Provide continuous training to all employees, thus promoting the improvement of their skills and their own satisfaction;

To encourage and promote the development of teamwork skills, valuing collaborative work;

We propose to continuously develop and implement environmental protection measures, taking the necessary measures and actions in order to achieve the following objectives

Promote pollution prevention;

Reduce and control the consumption of energy, raw materials and fuels;

Optimize resources, especially in the use of recycled and/or recyclable materials;

Apply the principles of waste management, giving them appropriate final destinations;

Ensure a dynamic of continuous improvement in all processes, periodically reviewing the company’s objectives in order to continuously improve environmental performance and the effectiveness of the management system and the company itself;

Promote compliance with legal requirements, standards, the Quality Management System, Environment and RDI implemented in the company, as well as other requirements that the company subscribes.

Version of 10.10.2019″